Democratising Biomechanics Education: How New Technology Can Empower Educators and Students

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In recent years, the importance of biomechanics education has become increasingly recognised across various disciplines, including sports science, healthcare, and physical fitness. However, traditional motion capture systems can be prohibitively expensive and complex for many educational institutions making exposure to biomechanics and tools for experimentation inaccessible. Typically, students interested in this field will not gain access to analysis systems until they reach university. Furthermore, even universities in less affluent nations do not have access to such technology. AI computer vision is enabling web-based applications which can address these challenges by offering an accessible and cost-effective solution.


Simplifying Movement Analysis with Pose Estimation AI:

At the core of these web applications is pose estimation AI technology, which enables users to analyse movement patterns with just a single camera on an internet-connected device. By automatically identifying subjects, joints, and metrics, our MoveLab® application simplifies movement analysis, making it more accessible for individuals with varying levels of technical expertise.


Fostering Collaboration and Remote Learning:

MoveLab®'s browser-based platform is compatible with a wide range of devices, allowing educators and students to collaborate and learn from one another, regardless of their physical location. This feature promotes remote learning and enhances communication between teachers and students, even when they are miles apart.


Tracking Progress and Enhancing Learning through Data:

One of the key features of MoveLab® is its ability to automatically log and store results. This functionality makes it easy for both educators and students to document progress, analyse data, and make comparisons over time. By providing access to this valuable information, MoveLab® empowers both teachers and students to learn from the data, enhancing the learning experience and facilitating more informed decision-making.


Affordable and Scalable Solution:

By offering a cost-effective alternative to expensive motion capture systems, MoveLab® enables schools and universities to implement biomechanics education programs on a tight budget. This affordability makes it possible for more institutions to adopt biomechanics education, expanding access to this valuable knowledge for a larger number of students.


MoveLab®'s innovative approach to movement analysis has the potential to expand biomechanics education, benefiting both educators and students. With its pose estimation AI, compatibility with various devices, automatic data logging, and affordability, MoveLab® empowers teachers and learners alike, making biomechanics education more accessible, engaging, and informative. As the field of biomechanics continues to grow, tools like MoveLab® are likely to play a crucial role in shaping the future of education and training in this area.

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