1,000 movement assessments in every pocket

MoveLab® is the world's most simple & accessible movement analysis tool. It allows sports professionals to support, engage and monitor players to improve movement and flexibility from anywhere using AI and the camera on their smartphone or webcam.

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Step 1
Create any movement
Select a player, simply film or upload any movement pattern you want them to perform (i.e. a squat, a jump, etc.)
Step 2
Choose what to track
Choose the joint(s) and metrics that are important for you and/or your player to capture and analyse
Step 3
Real-time insights
Players see basic insights on screen as they perform the movement, then you both receive more detailed metrics and charts immediately after the movement
Research Partners and Funders
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Real-time objective feedback
Create any movement pattern for players to follow anytime and anywhere with real-time feedback and actionable data. Easily track metrics such as range of motion, movement symmetry & consistency
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Stay connected and support the team remotely
From player smartphone or webcam direct to you. Receive updates in real-time, filling the void between physical sessions or when players are in other regions
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Make it easy and maximise engagment
Allow players to send updates from the comfort of their own home. Provide them with real-time insights into their own movement performance. Review at times most convenient for you.
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Could you gain more insight from movement?

MoveLab uses cutting edge AI to enable players to gain real-time insights from movement, generating data and metrics for players and support teams. Below is an example of what we can calculate using only the camera on a player's smartphone, tablet or webcam. We thrive on the challenge of developing additional metrics so if there is something that you need to measure, challenge us.

Want to progress your field?

We are working very closely with a number of innovative NHS and private clinicians to solve major healthcare challenges, and are always excited to learn about other opportunities to drive progress and collaborate