Our MobilityHub© platform enables clinicians to remotely monitor, manage and automate patient preparation for, and recovery from, orthopaedic surgery. We help clinicians and patients to save time, cost & emissions while increasing updates, and opportunities for early intervention.

We have developed AI computer vision technology that can be adapted to identify, monitor and track range of motion. Combined with personalised content to support recovery, this software can be used to deliver and manage post-operative care remotely, and even automatically. It has the potential to reduce the need for physical follow-ups whilst providing additional care and opportunities for earlier intervention if issues arise.

Unlike its competitors MobilityHub© can provide a low-cost, accessible solution which does not require specialist hardware, connects clinical teams around patients to transform patient pathways, and tracks range of motion. Our service has the potential to deliver major cost savings for healthcare providers, whilst releasing surgical capacity. The Covid-19 pandemic is already prompting a global drive to digitise healthcare services wherever possible, in order to minimise disruption and prevent further outbreaks. Our service has the potential to have a major impact at this transformational time.