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*Update* We have now closed this round of fundraising and are very excited about our new shareholders and partners. Contact us at or via our contact page if you would like to be informed about any future investment opportunities.

Tracking and assessment of human movement has hundreds of use cases across healthcare, in addition to several other sectors. Current approaches to this important task range from low-tech, face-to-face observation or measurement, through to use of sophisticated and expensive motion capture systems. Both approaches require the subject to be ‘on-site’ which presents multiple constraints.

Since 2018 Agile Kinetic has been carrying out funded R&D with Welsh universities related to an artificial intelligence known as pose estimation which can provide a more effective solution in many of these use cases as it allows subjects to be analysed remotely. We are developing a pipeline of solutions and machine learning models which can be used to extract meaningful data from images or video of human movement captured on any smartphone, tablet, or webcam. We have now been awarded a funded healthcare innovation project to collaborate with Cardiff University to validate our tool and explore additional use cases.

Our first application of pose estimation technology has been in the field of orthopaedics and musculoskeletal medicine, where waiting lists are driving demand for innovation. Our patent pending MobilityHub© platform, developed with funding from Innovate UK, enables clinicians to remotely monitor, manage and automate patient preparation for, and recovery from, orthopaedic surgery or injury. MobilityHub© helps multidisciplinary teams and patients to save time, cost & emissions while increasing updates, and opportunities for early intervention.

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